How grad school changed my life…by making me afraid to go outside

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I’m going to start out by explaining how my first year of grad school has given me a now outlook on life, but also managed to make me afraid of EVERYTHING.

I will never go near a wild animal again no matter how “super cute” it is, I now see that birds are nature’s redheaded stepchildren and ridden with every disease you can imagine, and I will never swim in fresh water again. I’m just sayin. Dr. Yabs’ wildlife disease course managed to scare the desire to go outdoors out of me, but it was probably my favorite class all year.

Classes like that, those that made me thoughtful, angry and grossed out, convinced me that I found what I should have been doing all along. Before, health was all fitness and eating habits to me. Now, if you ask me about a disease there’s a good chance I’ll be able to give you an intelligent answer. I enjoy learning about the life cycles of a parasite, the number of people harmed in traffic accidents each year and the social reasons one person gets better access to health care than another.

So I’m going to continue learning about the nasty, the sobering and the hopeful parts of health and I honestly think I’ll be a better writer and person because of it.


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