This was my weekend… how was yours?

Everything’s bigger in Kenya, forget Texas.

This weekend was full of walking. Walking and eating.

Saturday morning I accompanied Sarah (housemate and schisto researcher) to a school for orphans smack in the middle of a slum. Goats and cattle grazed on trash in the narrow streets, and as always children jumped up as they saw us, yelling simple phrases. If there’s one word I’ve become familiar with here, it’s “mzungu” (foreigner or white person).

The kids at the school were adorable and sang for us; they get so excited for any change in routine, and especially for Sarah, who’s met them before and will move to Kisumu in December. And despite the situation they’re in, and the rips in their clothes, I’ve never seen kids so quick with smiles.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating, walking and searching for hippos. Take a look.

Our transportation when we weren't walking.

Kiboko Bay Resort for lunch.

The view from lunch.

Jubilee Market in town. It's a little overwhelming.

Dinner from Tilapia Beach. Free, not farmed.

One reason why schistosomiasis is so prevalent; it's easier to wash a car in the lake than in the city streets.

Kisumu is a port city, and this was the largest ship I saw.

A hippo stares us down.

And some cows just because they're EVERYWHERE.


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