“Promoting Medication Therapy Management to Reduce Cardiovascular Disease in Metro Atlanta”

Created a media campaign to promote the use of Medication Therapy Management in Medicare Part D recipients in the metropolitan Atlanta statistical area to reduce cardiovascular disease over the course of five years. Used gain and loss frames to create messages for media.


A Model in Risk Communication”

Using elements of the Extended Parallel Process Model and the Trust, Confidence and Cooperation Model, created a theory of risk communication to explain the processes that lead to a behavior when exposed to risk messages.


“Parents: Protect Yourself and Your Child from Whooping Cough (Pertussis)!”

Using the Extended Parallel Process Model and Peter Sandman’s definition of risk, wrote and designed a public health pamphlet for parents explaining pertussis in infants and encouraging vaccination of both parents and young children.


“Tularemia in North America: Implications for Public Health and Wildlife”

Researched and wrote a continuing education article on the zoonotic disease tularemia and its significance for public health and wildlife in North America.


“Superbugs in the Media: Print Coverage of Antibiotic Resistance”

Conducted a media analysis on the depiction of antibiotics in 24 print newspaper articles from the past 10 years. Used framing theory to explore the different ways in which antibiotics and antibiotic resistance were portrayed over the course of a decade. 


“Leishmaniasis in South America: Prevention and Control”

Wrote a research paper proposing an integrated intervention to prevent and control New World leishmaniasis in South America using a combination of training to increase case detection, community education, vector management and reservoir control.


“Trouble in Toyland: A Case Study of the 2007 Mattel Recalls”

Conducted an in-depth case study analysis exploring crisis response strategies used by Mattel during its 2007 toy recalls. The case study addressed risk assessment, stakeholder responses, communication techniques, and image restoration.


Cultural Translation of Interventions: Diabetes Care in American Samoa”

Conducted a case study analysis of a behavioral intervention done to address diabetes in American Samoa. The case study focused on adapting health interventions culturally using the Precede-Proceed Model to enhance the effectiveness of health programs for at-risk groups with limited access to care, health worker shortages, under-financed health systems and cultural or language barriers.


“Fatness as a Social Problem: How the News Media Frame Obesity”

Wrote a research proposal for a study on the framing of obesity in news media using critical discourse analysis. The paper included previous relevant literature on the subject, proposed methods of research, and expected findings.


“Views on Muslims in Politics: A Quantitative Analysis”

Conducted a small study on views of Muslims’ roles in politics using a sample of registered voters in Oconee County, Ga. Created and conducted phone and online surveys, performed quantitative analysis using SPSS software to test a research hypothesis.



National Academies Keck Futures Initiative Ecosystem Services Conference 2011 – Irvine, CA

Association of Health Care Journalists: Health Journalism 2011 – Philadelphia, PA

National Association of County and City Health Officials: Public Health Preparedness Summit 2011 – Atlanta, GA

National Academies Keck Futures Initiative Imaging Science Conference 2010 – Irvine, CA

Global Education Forum on South America, Asia and Africa 2008 – Athens, GA

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